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At Koa we’re into home comforts in a relaxed environment. We love quiet meadows, the sun on our faces, and the feeling of being closer to nature that comes with camping, but we also enjoy comfy beds, good linen, space to cook dinner, and no queues for the (flushing!) loos. If that sounds like your thing, come on in…

Our ethos has always been, and will continue to be, strongly sustainable; protecting and conserving the environment, growing organically, re-establishing woodlands, plant and wildflower meadows while providing a glamping service that’s as comfortable as it is low-impact. By holidaying at Koa, you’re treading lightly on our precious environment, and supporting initiatives that are as good for the planet as they are for your happiness and wellbeing. Win win! We’ve plenty for you to do while you’re here. From surf to yoga, massage, our yurt cinema and delicious food options, take a look around here, and plan your own adventure. 

We look forward to your stay.

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We hold many events here throughout the year that are open to both guests and visitors. Get in touch to see what we have planned here 

Linda, Peter and Andrew, Bristol

“Thank you for your great hospitality and embodying a sense of community. A wonderful place to relax and connect with the Earth.”

Mackenzie, 7

“I wish I could stay forever here with Mum”

Zack Hill, 8

” I loved the Stand-Up-Paddle bording and the yurt was very cossy. If i could I would live here. I will never forget it. 

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Our Covid approach is as follows:

concerning current circumstance for safely of out guests we have added more bathrooms on sight, that means no more sharing from now one. All kitchen units are equip with items for just your unit so there is no more sharing. Everyone has been provided dish-washing and surface cleaning for ease of mind, if you feel unsure about who has been on the table before you. There is hand sanitizer on entry, we have made more space in Rainy Day room, this allows dining tables to be more spaced out. and looked into cleaning plan, fine cleaning plan on commonly cleaning areas