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Alpacas are delightful creatures, gentle and curious. They are actually a domesticated version of the vicuña, a South American ruminant that lives in the high Andes and a close relative of the llama, itself a domesticated version the guanaco. Llamas make excellent pack animals, but alpacas are farmed for their gorgeous, super-soft wool.


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Our Covid approach is as follows:

concerning current circumstance for safely of out guests we have added more bathrooms on sight, that means no more sharing from now one. All kitchen units are equip with items for just your unit so there is no more sharing. Everyone has been provided dish-washing and surface cleaning for ease of mind, if you feel unsure about who has been on the table before you. There is hand sanitizer on entry, we have made more space in Rainy Day room, this allows dining tables to be more spaced out. and looked into cleaning plan, fine cleaning plan on commonly cleaning areas